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时间:2017-05-21 论文答辩 我要投稿

  英语毕业答辩开场白其实跟普通的毕业答辩类似,没有所谓特定的开场白和结束语;一般大学开始讲述的时候,首先是自己对论文的陈述,也就是内容摘要部分,答辩完后说THAT'S ALL,THANK YOU就行了,然后老师就开始对你进行提问。



  Good morning,

  Distinguished professors and teachers, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the oral defense. (或Welcome to attend the oral defense.) :

  I am Zhao Jing. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor

  Zhong Ming, for his intellectual guidance, invaluable instructions and comments on my thesis. It is with

  his valuable assistance that I have finally accomplished this thesis.

  The title of my paper is The Masculine Spirit of The Old Man and the Sea

  The whole thesis consists of 3 parts. The first part will give brief introductions on the background which contains the social and cultural aspects and the introduction to the author of the masterpiece. In The second part is going to have a brief introduction of the old man and the sea and analyze the masculine spirits in the old man and the sea such as the faith optimistic and the wisdom of the hero. In the third part, it is the natural conclusion and the deep consideration.

  I choose this as my topic due to the following reasons. Firstly, I am fond of literature works. Secondly, I am quite familiar with this novel as this is one of the texts in our intensive teaching course and I have taught this text for more than 3 times. Last but not the least, I’m deeply appreciated to the masculine spirit and hope I can get and practice it in my future. For the above facts, I select the subject of The Masculine Spirit of The Old Man and the Sea as the title of my paper.

  I hope by studying this novel we can know more about the author Hemingway and his honorable masculine spirit. “A man can be destroyed but not be defeated.” Such kind of spirit can

  help us raise our independence and confidence and show more concern for our mental health.

  That’s all. Thank you!



  (2)设计和实施的简单过程(如,商务方向:采用什么方法来搜集信息、资料等);search the information from library and then internet


  (4)仍然存在的问题(如,商务:在实施项目中可能会遇到的风险以及如何解决);the aspect which I have quoted may be not perfect and have many deficiencies


  4、语言最好简单清楚,不要直接用论文中内容,应该用解释性的句式,如:When I was designing the lessons, I found that….






  (1)Will you please give us a self-introduction? 有些学生可能由于紧张没听清问题便开始背诵论文的内容,结果造成答非所问。

  (2)Give us a presentation of your thesis. 有些学生一听到thesis便详细而又不理解地背诵其论文内容, 在被打断之后便不知该说什么。其实, 考官只是想知道你对论文的总体了解, 让你简单阐明自己论文的内容与观点。

  (3)Why do you choose such a theme?/ What do you want the reader get from your thesis? 对于这个问题,你可以谈谈你的喜好,你想要读者从中得到什么。

  (4)What is the uniqueness of your point of view? 对于这个问题,你可以谈谈你的观点与他人不同之处及原因。这就要求你有相关知识。 之后便是针对你的论文的问题了。

  (5)关于选题:如Why did you choose this topic for your paper?或Why were you interested in this project?


  商务方向:SWOT,COSTING,FLOWCHART,RISK,STAKEHOLDER,如Do you think is this a necessary activity for the project?

  (7)关于背景知识及理论知识:如What does SWOT stand for?(商务)

  (8)关于论文存在的问题:如In the last sentence on page … there are some grammatical errors.












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