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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

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The donation of promise means the donor’s unilateral expression of intention to the donee, a sort of unilateral action in the civil law. While the donative contract is the result of the same intention of the bilateral litigants, the donor gives his/her property gratuitously to the donee and the latter accepts the donation. The basic point of the two is both produced by the donor, establishing a certain right for himself/herself, and making the donee have the right to get something free. Before the contract law is promulgated in our country, the judicatory department enforcing the law and the judicatory theoreticians argued about the nature of the donative contract. In order to regulate the relationship between right and obligation of donor and donee, the contract law regulates the donation contract as undertaking contract, but has little idea of the regulations related to the donation of promise. On the contrary, Anglo-American contract law, breaking the traditional Consideration theory type, creating the reliance theory and putting forward the doctrine of promissory estopped on its basis, has profound research about the donation of promise. It ascends the donor’s moral obligation to legal obligation, i.e. the donor ought not to break his/her promise. Using the achievements about the donation of promise in Anglo-American contract law for reference can enrich and perfect the contract law in our country.

Key words:  the donation of promise ;  the donative contract;  Anglo-Ameri-
can contract law;  the reliance interest;  promissory estopped

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