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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

摘  要


关键词:民法基本原则  民事权利滥用  诚实信用  权利本质


 In seventh explicitly stipulated in "Peoples Republic of ChinaGeneral provisions of the civil law" that, "The civic action shouldrespect the common courtesy, does not have to harm the social publicinterest, the destruction state economy plan, the harassment socialeconomy order". Forbids the civil right to abuse the principledevelopment the rationale to be allowed to trace in the Roman law tothe property rights the limit question. In Roman law in order tocoordinate the public interest with the personal interest, has had thethought which many limits rights abuses. Now the civil right abusesconcrete manifestation shape many and varied, the form is complex, onroughly may summarize for the evil intention exercises, the harm rightbenefit, has no right to exercise, to violate the law and the publicinterest, violates the behavior which the right infringement methodgeneral principle, the position and own behavior contradictory right,abuses negatively exercises and surpasses the tolerance limit theright to exercise these eight kinds. But along with societysunceasing development, appears facing the modern life in abuses thecivil right the situation, will be clear about the prohibition rightin the future people statute book to abuse legal difficult problem andso on the principle applicable scope and standard as well as concretesanction way appears especially anxiously. At the same time, after now"General provisions of the civil law" seventh will carry on ourcountry the consummation to introduce future our country "PeopleStatute book" center or anew defines the prohibition civil rightprinciple the related provision, future "People Statute book" centerwill establish the prohibition right in our country to abuse theprinciple the independent status and the function is idea of the basiswhich the solution civil right will abuse

Key word: Civil law basic principle   The civil right abuses  Honest credit   Right essence

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