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ʱ䣺2017-08-08 ɱҵ ҪͶ

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Enter knowledge-based economy for ages, all countries all value exploitation and protection of intelligent property right more, under the push of national policy and law system, the development of science and technology business enterprises canning not get away from the protection of intelligent property right has already become a kind of trend, our business enterprise developed the intelligent property right of science and technology result to possess ownership to the independence, how the higher effect ground convert these intelligent property rights became to put in the problem of our in front for the economic strength, this text science technique gives the necessity of[with] intelligent property right protection to set out from the introduction give the business enterprise, trying essence and inducement of scooping out the protection business enterprise technique, clear in meaning business enterprise intelligent property right of social economy of role fixed position, investigate an intelligent property right and our country science and technology business enterprise development of direction.
Key words: protection of intelligent propertyscience and technology  science and technology businessthe business enterprise

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