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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要


关键词:   科举制度;  高考;   教育法


The civil service exam system is used as ancient the selection mechanism of a kind of social official in China, it has pushed Chinas ancient universal education and development, and promote the continuation of the Confucian cultures of ancient Chin
ese literature, the embodiment of a fair, just and legal order value. But Imperialexam
ination system as a rigid form of content, the purpose of the examination is too utilitar
ian, and other shortcomings, Chinas ideologyical and cultural development and progress brought many negative effects, and a serious impediment to social innovation. As a large-scale social competitive examinations, Ancient and Modern Imperial College Entrance Examination there are many similarities. Both the maintenance of social justice and social stability of the potency, are reasonable and legal characteristics Meanwhile they also suppress the peoples personalities and different thinking, shackled peoples thinking. This paper from ancient imperial examination system, the associated Imperial law displayed by the legal characteristics of a modern college entrance examination against the defects, From the perspective of the Education Act to make certain existing entrance examination thought examinations support legislative reform.

Key word:   Imperial civil service examination system;  College entrance examination;  Educational method

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