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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

摘  要


关键词: 敬天保民  明德慎罚  亲亲  尊尊


West Zhou dynasty is the thriving period of Chinese slavery legal system. During the existence of more than 5 centuries of the West Zhou regime, Chinese tradional ruling ways, country-administering strategy and some basic political system have preliminarily come into being. As the foundation of traditional culture, thinking and cultuer factors like philosophical thingkings and concepts of ethics all have began from this incaption. From a legal point of view, the form and content of West Zhou’s legal system rise to a height of slavery legal system. The legal guiding ideologies as “make ethics fit gods”, “clarify ethics and be cautious of  punishments”, legal princeples as deductions of punishment of the old and the young, and distinction between intentional offence and negiligence offence, and criminal policy of “shi qing shi zhong” that formd in that period are all legal system of highest level worldwide that time, and exert a significant influence on Chinese legal system in later ages.

Key words: worship gods and guanrantee subjects
 clarify ethics and be cautious of punishment   qin qin    zun zun

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