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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

摘     要


关键词:  违约责任;补偿性; 惩罚性; 实证分析


The compensability of obligation of breaching a contract considered as a reflection of equal principle in the civil law, and already has penetrated deeply into the heart of the people in our society. With the development of the economy and the complication of the society relations, the compensative obligation of breaching a contract appears own insufficiency. For examples: the indirect loss and the spiritual loss can’t be compensated, which caused by the illegal acts such as the vicious negotiation; the compensative obligation of breaching a contract is unable to restraint the illegal acts; the victims wouldn’t obtain the remedy of law because they are difficult to make the virtual loss clear, or to prove the loss existed. Thus we need to introduce the punitive damages into the contract law to eliminate these defections. Some hold opposite opinions that the punitive damages come into conflict with the traditional idea in the civil law and it would bring about many disadvantages to our country. But the author of this article insists that it should be a necessary and also a trend. Of course, we need to carry on certain limit to it so that plays it good role because of the limitations of the punitive damages itself. At the same time we must persist that the compensative obligation of breaching a contract is the main principle .The punitive damages only can be the supplement ,but cannot be replaces. This is a prerequisite to introduce the punitive damages.

Key word: Obligation of breaching a contract;   Compensative;    Punitive;   
The real evidence analysis

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