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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

摘    要


关键词:汉代刑制体系 刑制改革 刑罚原则 意义


    Along with feudal economy unceasing consummation and development, slavery brutal barbaric corporal punishment system more and more unsuitable societys objective request, thereupon Han Dynastys punishment law system in receives reforms the innovation with in the Qin system foundation, in the Chinese written language emperor, Chinese Jing Dixing around the system reform the penalty system has had the very big change in particular, also formed some Confucianists penalties to be suitable the principle. This punishment system reform, in the Chinese legal system history watershed, he was China ancient times the punishment system enters a more civilized stage by the barbaric stage the turning point. This reform even more adapted thefeudalism economic basis request, simultaneously to was new "the five punishments" excessively has laid the foundation for the feudal punishment system. This article reforms from the legal science and the history angle to our country Han Dynasty penalty carries on the commentary, the social potency and the existence malpractice aspect which attempts which to analyze it to have the reason background, the historical status, obtain, as a means of now model socialist legal system construction.
Key word:   Han Dynasty punishment system ;  punishment system reform ;   penalty principle  ;  significance


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