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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

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关键词:刑事诉讼 逮捕 羁押期限


International "arrest", refers to restrictions on personal freedom and their law enforcement agencies to act After the arrest must be held if a judge or specific legal authority officials decides otherwise.
 As a criminal procedure, and some of its content is the subject of litigation provisions of the exercise of the rights and obligations of the deadline. And during the period to turn the measure. Custody is restricted criminal suspects and accused persons to liberty, and ensure a smooth investigation and trial of the major means. Meanwhile custody is one of the most coercive measures, it is not only depriving the detainees of their personal freedom, person detained to be completely under investigation and the judicial organs under the direct control. Moreover, the detainees arrested during the all coercive measures is the longest. Therefore, in the criminal proceedings against the suspect, the defendant applied correctly in a timely manner custody to be effective in preventing their escape, suicide, destroy evidence or continue to crime; and the indiscriminate detention, will be a serious violation of the basic rights of the citizens. contrary to the fundamental purpose of the law.
Keyword: Criminal   Arrest   Allotted Time

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