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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

摘  要

    关键词: 刑事被害人; 国家补偿制度; 权利保障; 必要性


   As the importance is gradually attached to the right of the victim and the system of compensation by nation has been established internationally, our country should comply with this international current. Meanwhile,we should regulate our national compensate system with Chinese special features according to our specific national situation. At present,not a few scholars have already had profound research on the system,but there exist some differences in sense. What is more,there are serious deficiency in the process of lawmaking protection to the victim nowadays. Therefore,it is full of necessity  to make a thorough inquiry on the establishment of the national indemnity system through further analysis of its background and current situation , and according to the deficiency of the compensative right of victim ,we should innovate in the national indemnity institution for criminal homicide victim so as to make the penal code of our country more perfect in the meantime.

   Key words: Criminal homicide victim; the system of compensation by nation; right guaranteed; necessity


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