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时间:2017-08-08 法律毕业论文 我要投稿

摘  要

关键词:土地承包经营权;  出租; 争议; 问题
   The land contracting operating right hiring is refers to the land contracting operati-
ng right person to leave the land contracting operating right rents to the other people (including unit and individual) manages, the other people pay the rent of soil the behavior. The present stage, hires the important way which pasts as the land contracti-
g operating right, generally had and appeared the massive problems in our country. Whether but does the theory hire to the land contracting operating right, hires and subcontracts for the identical legal concept, the difference is whether unceasing. Drec-
tly causes in the legislation process not to be in consistent to the land contracting oper-
ating right hiring stipulation, then enables in the countryside area contract hiring proc-
ess the question not to be able to obtain the effective addressing. Will unify the current
existence the question, the legislature in the later legislation process certainly will have
to strengthen the land contracting operating right the real right nature, the thousandth of a Yuan clear land contracting operating right hiring legal relationship main body, will be clear about hires the bilateral right and the duty, will draw up the exhaustive h-
iring working instruction. Arrives the farmer to contract the standard voluntarily, to h-
ave the goal which the foreword, legally hires.
Key word: Land contracting operating right; Hiring; Dispute; Question;

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