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摘  要

局域网文件共享(Local Area Network Files Share)是IT技术中很流行的概念。它利用计算机技术、网络技术以及通信技术实现快速、准确的获得信息,提供信息共享与检索的服务系统。它的广泛使用,给人们带来了诸多便利,并逐渐改变了人们信息获取的方式。新一代基于互联网的企业(如Google、百度等),更是仅仅抓住这个问题的核心,提供信息共享与检索的服务,并向Microsoft、Sun System等传统IT企业发起了挑战。所以,对于文件共享与检索服务的研究,也正成为当今互联网技术研究的前沿。



 Design and Development of Local Network Area Files Share & Retrieval System


Local area network files share over the Internet is a prevail concept. It is the use of computer technology, network technology and telecommunications technology to achieve a process of sharing information as fast and accurately as possible .It can also provide information sharing and retrieval service. It has been used diffusely, bringing with convenience, changing people's way to obtain information. The new generational enterprises based on Internet (such as Google, BaiDu), have grasped the core of this issue, provided information sharing and retrieval services, meanwhile tended to launch a challenge with Microsoft, Sun System those are very traditional IT enterprises. Thus, the study in the technology of information sharing and retrieving service is becoming one of the focuses of IT studies.

This system uses ASP programming language and Access database to design local area files share system based on B/S model. In this paper, demand analysis of local area files share and retrieval system is referred, and then an overall structure and systems for the detailed design is offered. The main achievements of the following functions, which include client management, files share and transfer among servers and clients, and realization of searching function on catalog. After testing analysis, the design of this system achieves planned goals and has certain practical value.

 Key words: LAN; Files Share; Catalog Chare; Retrieval System; File Transfer; Database

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