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the development of video web site based on ASP
Abstract:As the broad band becoming the emphases of the network struture, the transfers of network has steped up quickly. The imformation transmitting in network is no longer documentary format such as file, simple image, sound and so on. The huge and continuous multimedia data like video and audio has been into network broadly.In that case the stream media has been brought to bear in the net pages. It turns the functions such as order programme on line, seeing and hearing on line, living broadcast on line and so on. For higher requirement of users, the system develops a movie website, who has the characteristics like complete functoins, beautiful interface, simple operation, with the development tools like ASP and Dreamweaver. Especially, it supplies services like seeing and hearing on line and movie downloading to users. With the video system web site based on ASP and SQL data-base, this paper introduces the method and the technology characteristics of the system.

Keywords: ASP; SQL; Dreamweaver; video web site


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