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摘 要:汽车行驶记录仪是对车辆行驶速度、时间、里程以及有关车辆行驶的其他状态信息进行记录存储并可以通过接口实现数据输出的数字式电子记录装置。记录仪不仅可以遏止交通违章、约束驾驶员不良驾驶习惯,而且可以有效地预防道路交通事故的发生,并为执法人员进行事故的分析、处理提供科学、忠实的原始数据,在交通运输管理中发挥着10分重要的作用。


Motor Vehicles records data analysis and collection System
ABSTRACT :Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder is a digital electronic record set which can collect and store vehicles running velocity、time、distance and other state information related, and it can transmit data via interface. Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder not only can hold out traffic violations, restrict drivers bad drive habit, but also can prevent traffic accidents from happening, and provide scientific、veritable origin datum for tipstaffs to analyze and dispose of accidents. It plays a very important role in transportation management.
The data analysis software of Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder can analyze original datum which are recorded by the recorder according to the national standard. It can read original datum of the recorder, and be provided with query, statistic、schematics, parameter setting, purview management and other functions.
According to the national standard of Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder, the article introduces process of research and development in Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder system,  In this article, general situation of the subject is presented, system design and functions of the recorder are briefly described. Combined with work experience, process of design and realization to data analysis software is emphatically depicted; After the rigorous testing, Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder works well, and its performance measures up. Data Analysis Software with graphs and texts is developed by DELPHI 7.0, and Its interface is friendly and easily operated.
Key words: Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder; Data Analysis Software; Delphi; SQL.


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