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摘要:本文首先分析了自动命题系统在具体的教学活动过程中的实际需求,然后使用 MICROSOFT公司的 SQL Server作为后台数据库,设计数据库,使用ODBC连接数据库,使用 Borland公司的 Delphi开发工具,利用其提供的各种面向对象的开发工具,设计与实现了1个实际的自动命题系统,对其中的数据库结构设计以及各个主要?榈氖迪纸辛讼晗傅慕樯。本系统可以从试题库中自动的查找和组织出1些不同类型、不同难度的试题来组成1份合理的试卷。它采用的是利用试卷自动生成算法记录试题的1组特征值,根据用户提供的试卷题目类型、难易程度等条件,借助于系统中的1系列数据文件,使具体课程的相关数据动态地抽象成逻辑数据,用以解决通用问题,线性的规划出1份约束满足的、合理的试卷。

Design for implementation of automatic proposition system
Abstract: This paper analyses the actual demand of auto-production for automatic proposition system in the course of concrete teaching activity at first. Then Uses MICROSOFT Corporation dish SQL Server to take the backstage database design database, uses Borland Corporation dish Delphi development kit, uses each kind of object-oriented development labor which it provides ,to use the ODBC connection database, it designs and realizes a automatic proposition system. First, it explains the design for the database structure, then introduces the detailed one to the realization of each main module among them. It can automatically find and organize a certain number of test questions in various types with different degrees of difficulty in the database to form a reasonable test paper. The method is that the Characteristic properties of test questions are recorded firstly, and then according to user’s demands in type,difficulty, etc ,by changing related data of the course to logical ones a suitable and satisfied to restrain test paper of universal property on the basis of series of data files is linearly programmed.
Key words:  self-paper-seting  database  proposition system. 


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