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针对ARM7核心SamSung S3C44B0X开发板,本文介绍了把uClinux内核移植到嵌入式系统的过程,并在内核移植的基础上开发了1个客户机—服务器模型的网络应用程序。
关键词:嵌入式系统;uClinux ;ARM7

Research and Implementation of Porting uClinux to ARM7
Abstract:The embedded system is the combination of computer technology,semiconductor,electronic technology and the applications of industries.It is becoming one of the focus in the IT industry and has great potential.
Embedded linux has more advantages than any other embedded operating system for its stabilization,opening sources and strong network functions. uClinux is a modified version of the Linux kernel, designed for non-MMU micro-controller. The kernel size is very concise, typically can customized to a few hundred KB, very suitable for serving as an embedded OS for generic consumer electronics.
This article thoroughly introduces the architecture of uClinux; analyses the startup procedure of embedded system and the mechanism of Bootloader; analyzes the memory allocation of FLASH and RAM, the location of execute image files expressly.Then this article discusses related configurations and the process of compiling uClinux kernel.The article also depicts the course of developing programes on the OS of uClinux using GNU software.
Based on the ARM7 core chip SamSung S3C44B0,this paper introduces the process of porting uClinux to embedded system; on the basis of kernel porting I develope a client/server model network application.
Keywords: Embedded System;uClinux ;ARM7


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