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摘 要

关键词:网上购物;ASP;数据库;Dreamweaver MX2004。


Follow the technology of the computer in the enterprise and deep application day by day of all trades and professions, the concept internet has been deeply taken up people’s heart. Today , the internet takes an very important part in the development tactics of all trades and professions, became a part of an enterprise which can not be partition off. The electronic commerce is a kind of social economic appearance which makes use of the technology of the modern communication, computer and network technology. Its purposes are to lower social management cost, arise the efficiency of social producation, optimize social resource allocationa, then carry out the social wealth of maximize utilization. The target of this designation is to carry out the electronics website of online shopping based on ASP. The missions: combining the practise process of the whole designation, understanding the basic knowledge of technique of the homepage development and database, studying related development tools and application softwares, acquainting with the process of website construction and mastering the programming method of the network database freely.
The web site consist of the following part: first page, product distribute, search of product, news issuance shopping and so on.
Proscenium developing instrument uses ASP 、Dreamweaver , sets up web site which is full of dynamic effect. The backstage supporter uses Access to set up data base, and carry on data management, keep the integrality of the data.

Keywords:shopping online;ASP;Datebase; dreamweaver MX2004.


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