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摘  要:Internet作为全球性的计算机互联网,已深入到人们日常生活当中。现代商业模式的发展,使得客户、运营商和生产商之间的交易模式发生了巨大得变化,连最终的交易模式也不拘泥于传统的模式。本文针对这些特点,按照软件工程学的方法,具体设计出网上汽车信息交流、汽车交易系统,阐述了设计的背景、关键技术,子系统划分以及系统各子系统功能。并利用强大的网页开发工具DreamweaverMX,基于asp技术,采用浏览器/服务器模式,实现了系统。同时,对该系统的需求分析,数据流程图,ER图。数据库设计,以及主要页面和?榈氖迪纸辛私樯。本系统介绍了asp技术及网络交易在这方面的实现。

关键词:ASP ;WWW ;交易模式 ;浏览器 / 服务器 .

The Design And Implement Of The Car Business Website
Abstract: Internet has already gotten deep to peoples daily life as global computer Internet. The development of Modern commerce make the way of trade changed so enormously as to the relations among Client, Operators and  Manufacturer has taken place ,even way to trade no longer only adheres rigidly to traditional way. This text aims at these characteristicseses ,according to the engineering method of the software ,design the learning system of information exchange and trading system of trade of car ,and, key technology, the subsystem divides and system every subsystem function. Besides ,it realizes the system by strong webpage developing tool DreamweaverMX ,asp technology ,and B/S mode . Meanwhile, it introduces the demand analysis of the system, data flow chart, ER chart, the design of database and the realization of main page and module. This system introduced the asp technology and the network transaction in this aspect realization。

Key Words:ASP; World Wide Web; Transactions; Browser/Server


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