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摘 要


The paper discusses about development methods, system functions and implement of an electronic commerce shopping system. According to the practice requirements after I have made investigation and analysis of some current electronic commerce shopping sites, and considered the ASP.NET have many advantages such as: running efficiency, high extensibility, good reliability and lively WEB page, and so on. I works out a detail implement scheme by observing and analyzing the WEB site of electronic commerce shopping system. The system is based on ASP.NET, The main functions of the system: dynamic management, classifying display, hitting rank, new merchandise, information research, users management, shopping cart management, process of purchase and website’s management has been realized. Authorized clients can scan the merchandise and management by the man-machine conversation more efficiently, and it can also deal with behavior recording.
During the course of writing the article, I strive to integrate theory and practice. While expatriating the different kind of theories, I illuminate the application and operation skill combining the system so as to fully incarnate the application of these theories and techniques to the system.

Key Words: Electronic Commerce; C#; .NET Technology; BtoC


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