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    1 对Rijndael算法进行了详细的介绍,包括算法的设计原理、设计原则,并对国内外的研究现状进行了总结
    2 针对AES S盒的设计特性,详细的分析了其代数性质,给出了S盒的 1个性质,并发现了其8个布尔函数之间的等价性,为进1步分析AES提供了理论基础。
    3 研究了Rijndael算法S盒、列变换及其逆运算、整个轮变换的优化方法,从运算单位、数据访问时间和简化矩阵运算等方面提高算法的实现效率。将移位寄存器实现高效流密码的思想用于分组密码Rijndael算法的实现,获得与查表法相当的效率。
关键词: 分组密码; Rijndael算法;AES; S盒
The Analysis And Realization of Advance Encryption Stardard Rijndael Algorithmic
Abstract: With the development of the computer and communication technology, the users requirements  for  the  informations  safety  storage,  safety  process  and  safety transmission are getting more and more exigent. With the improvement of attack method and computing, DES is not secure for its too short key in length. The Advanced Encryption Standard is a good cryptosystem for its simplicity, high rate and security.
    This paper has a detail investigation on Rijndael, including its algebraic proper .The central contribution is as follows:
1 A detail introduction of Rijndael is presented, including the design principle and the current research result.
2 The only nonlinear part S-box is analyzed and an important algebraic property is introduced. The equivalence of eight Boolean functions is found, and it is a help to analyze AES in detail.
3 The optimisations of Rijndael Sbox, of ColumnMix and its inverse, and of the round transformation are thoroughly studied for purpose of better performance. Meanwhile, the implementation of such block cipher as Rijndael with shifting registers is designed with performance as good as that of method of table-lookup.
Keywords: Block Cipher ; Rijndael Algorithmic ; AES; S-Box;


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