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摘  要:随着Internet的不断普及,人们对于互联网技术的要求已不单单是浏览网页,收发电子邮件,日益忙碌的人们开始追求足不出户地利用互联网这1强大的平台来实现网上购物。对于企业来讲,无论是企业之间(B to B),还是企业和客户之间(B to C)的交易,如果能够实现网上交易将大大提高交易速度节约交易成本。近几年,随着网络数据库技术的进1步发展,使得这1设想逐渐成为现实。
系统使用超文本连接语言HTML , ASP ,VB script,运用ASP技术和网络数据库原理,基于B/S模式实现1网上购物网站,使用SQL建立基本表,确立好数据来源并进行关联,只要通过ASP所提供的数据库操作接口,即可达到存取并修改数据库的目的。系统可实现会员注册、商品浏览检索、查看商品详细资料,以及在线购买,自动为顾客生成订单,按照顾客所填写的信息提交订单并发货等功能。系统管理员则可以对现有的商品进行添加和编辑,审查已注册的用户并对提交的订单进行处理。
Dynamic Website Design and Realization
Abstract: With the unceasing popularization of the internet, people don’t solely glance over the homepage as well as receive and dispatch email at the request of internet technology. People who become more and more busy, start to pursue to realize the shopping on-net making use of this great internet platform, forbidding to go outside but at home. As for the enterprises, regardless of the transaction between the enterprise and enterprise (B to B) or enterprise and customer (B to C), if the shopping on-net is realized, the transaction speed will be enhanced greatly and the cost saved. In recent years, along with the further development of the network data base technology, this precept becomes reality gradually.
Based on the pattern of B/S ,this system uses the hypertext marked language (HTML), ASP, VB script and utilizes the technology of ASP and the network database principle to realize the shopping on-net website. At the same time, the system uses the SQL to establish fundamental catalogue, establishes the data originate and realizes the connection .So long as through the database operation interface with which ASP is provided, the goal of deposit-withdrawing and revising the database will be received. The system can regist the member, check the commodity browsing and browse commodity detailed materials, as well as the online purchase .Also, it produces the order menu of the customer automatically and gives the menu, as well as send the goods according to the information which the customers write. And the system’s manager can increase and edit the present commodity, then check the registed users and deal with the order handed in.
Key Words: Shopping On-line;B/S pattern.;ASP; SQL


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