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摘 要

Automatic books classification is a basic research fielding automatic information processing system . Since Internet turns to be biggest information source in the world . chinese information expands fast on Internet . As the traditional retrieval system based on human classification and keyword indexing is difficult to satisfy the high-quality retrieval request on the net or library while increasingly more science and technology workers expect timely and comprehensive professional knowledge and information , automatic classification of chinese books is in urgency .
The design and development of an automatic library classification model is discusses in the paper .
After analyzing the traditional way that books are classified in the library , the paper points out the shortage , then systematically introduces the design and implementation of the library classification model . The model is designed in Visual C++ 6.0 .
The knowledge of the model is represented in fuzzy productions , and the model’s reasoning is the fuzzy reasoning . The software can be used in the libraries , which adopt “ china library classification(Third Edition)”
 Keywords:Books Automatic Classification Model ;Production System ; Uncertainty Reasoning ; Automatic Books Classification.


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