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时间:2017-09-26 会计毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要:在现今的医药0售市场上,竞争日趋白热化,被人们称为永远的朝阳行业的医药行业已不再如往日那般风光,利润已经严重下滑。中国医药0售行业主要存在行业利润额下降,行业经营模式散乱,,恶性价格竞争严重,未形成现代物流模式使物流费用居高不下,专业人才缺口大等问题。本文对目前我国医药0售企业存在的问题进行了剖析,并针对这些问题提出解决的方案, 从不同的方面来分析,为促进医药0售企业的发展进行了1些探讨。从销售收入与成本,费用等来进行分析。提出大力推进医药0售业的并购、重组;创立医药商业品牌,走特色经营之路;完善总代理、总经销制, 推进药品电子商务模式;发展现代医药物流模式,降低物流费用,加强资金的管理与培养专业人才等方法来增强医药0售企业的竞争力;从大型化、规;、连锁化、多元化经营、提高药学服务质量、培育品牌价值等方面提出了医药0售企业发展的建议。


Medicine retail sales profession profit analysis
Abstract: Nowadays in the medicine retail market, the competition turns red-hot day by day. The medicine profession,which is calld the permanent sunshine profession by the people,is not so light as before,and the prifit goes down seriously. The Chinese medicine retail sales profession main existence exists so many questions,such as:the dropping profit, the professional management pattern falling into disorder,the malignant price competition has not formed the mondern physical distribution pattern,causing the physical distribution expenses to stay at a high level.The big professional gap;This article dissects the question which exist to present our country Medicine Retail sales Enterprise has carried on the analysis, and aims at these questions to propose the solution plan, analysis from the different aspect, for promoted the medicine retail sales enterprises development to carry on some discussions. Mainly from the sales income and the cost, the expense and so on analyzes. Proposed the continuation advances the medicine circulation industry merger and acquisition, the reorganization vigorously; The establishment medicine commercial brand, walking on the road of the characteristic management; perfect the  general agent, always sells on commission the system, the advancement drugs electronic commerce pattern; The development modern medicine physical distribution pattern, reduces the physical distribution expense, the enhancement fund management and the trained professional strengthens the medicine retail sales enterprise the competitive power; From the large scale,improved the grade of service,and the cultivation brand value,the writer proposes some developed suggestions in the medicine retail sales enterprise.

Key words: Medicine retail sales, Profit analysis, The development suggested

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