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关键词:海南省 旅游业 趋势 营销策略
Abstract: The development of tourism in Hainan has a unique position, with a typical tropical island tourist resources, and since after the Hainan province, Hainan has always attached importance to the development of tourism, Hainan is the charm of its own growing number of tourists, tourism Hainan's economy has become an important pillar industries. This paper introduces the state of the environment of China's tourism market, from the geographical location, tourism, natural resources, cultural and ethnic customs, such as analysis of the development of tourism in Hainan huge advantage in this basis, the source from the domestic market and foreign source markets analysis of a tourist market in Hainan Province status quo; to explore the current development of tourism market trends in passenger demand that the passenger demand of outstanding entertainment, the theme of tourism and called for the pursuit of participatory activities, focus on green tourism prepared. Finally, the situation of Hainan tourism development trend of passenger demand combined with proposed expansion of Hainan tourism market source of marketing strategy
Key words: Hainan Province, the trend of tourism marketing strategy

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