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时间:2017-08-27 美术学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘  要


关键词:笔墨、形式 、意境


At the turn point of Ming and Qing Dynasty, there are a lot of Chinese Painters in JinLing.The most famous pointers among them are GongXian、FanQi、GaoChen、ZhouZhe、WuHong、YeXin、XieXun、and HuZao etc.They have been called as“Eight artistic aistinetion in JinLing”in the history.Most of them lived in seclusion,would not be officials and tried their best to probe into the art of Chinese Painting. The one who get the greatest achievement is GongXian.He is the representative of“JinLing Painters”。
    As the leader of the“eight artistic distinction in JinLing”, GongXian’s artistic achievement was mang-sided.His poems、calligraphy、and paintings all were outstanding.However,the most infment in the later ages is his painting.“I can draw when I was only13, and devoted myself into the inkstone in the following 50 years.I plowed in the morning and harvest in the evening,but this just can make both ends meet.”His paintings are anigue and creative not only in Qing Dynashy,but also in the whole history of Chinese painting. That is to say just as the Chinese poem,“there is no ancients before, and there is no arriving men.”

Key words:  drawing   form   artistic   conception

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