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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On the Role of Cooperative Learning in English Classroom Teaching 


This thesis reports a contrastive study of Cooperative Learning (CL) in Foreign Language Learning Environment. Firstly, the author conducts different teaching methods to Natural Group and Experimental Group respectively. After a period of teaching, a questionnaire is presented to these two groups. Then a comparison between these two results generalized from the questionnaire is made. Secondly, the author designs a testing on the study circumstance between natural group and experimental group. The purpose is to attest the better effect achieved by CL in English Classroom Teaching. It does reveal that 80.71% Second Language Learners (SLL) think the normal atmosphere in CL classroom is more relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial. Simultaneously, learners in cooperative group tend to be more confident and autonomous than those in natural group. Besides, these SLL who have received CL instruction can perform better than those who have not received CL instruction in their academic achievements.

Key Words: cooperative learning; second language learners; natural group; experimental group

摘  要


关键字: 合作学习、2语学习者、自然组、测试组


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