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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On The Translation of Some Ambiguity in Chinese


Ambiguity is a notable and ordinary phenomenon in natural language. Many scholars have done a lot of researches on it. Among whom Qiu Shude classifies it into intentional and unintentional ambiguity. Intentional ambiguity is a special application in ambiguity, causing ambiguity is the aim of speakers, intentional ambiguity has important semantic valuation, especially used in advertisements, so we should try to preserve it and elaborate its valuation fully in the target language. Unintentional ambiguity is the most ordinary phenomenon in language, which is generally considered of negative effects. But it can be disambiguated within the context and choose the most suitable meaning of words.
With the development of translation studies, the translation of ambiguity has attracted much attention. Based on the former researches, this thesis intends to give a brief introduction to the classification of ambiguity and mainly focuses on the study of two subtypes and their translation, namely, intentional ambiguity and unintentional ambiguity and the corresponding translation methods.

Key Words: ambiguity;  intentional ambiguity;  unintentional ambiguity;
           translation methods

摘  要

在自然语言中, 歧义是个典型又普遍的现象。邱述德把歧义分成了有意和无意两种,有意歧义是歧义的1种特殊的运用,引起歧义是说话者的目的所在,有意歧义有很重要的语用价值,尤其体现在广告的运用上,针对有意歧义,我们应该找出能保留它的语用价值的翻译方法。无意歧义则是普遍的歧义现象,大多数无意歧义产生消极作用,但是通过语境和选择最适当的词语来表达,无意歧义是可以被消除的。历史上很多学者就做了很多关于翻译研究的发展的研究,歧义的翻译引起了很多的关注;谇叭说难芯,本文旨在简单介绍其分类,并集中讨论其中两种主要的形式——有意歧义和无意歧义及其1些翻译方法。


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