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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Methods of Translating Idioms Concerning Human Body


Idioms are word combinations whose meanings cannot be deduced from the meaning of the individual parts. By analyzing the idioms we can figure out that idioms concerning human body account for a great deal of all idioms. Idioms are the essence of the language. As an important part of idioms, idioms concerning human body have vivid images, concise expressions and strong cultural characteristics. In normal cases, they enjoy double senses: figurative sense and literal sense and there is a close connection between them. We know that translation is an activity in which one language is translated into another. It is a complex and fascinating task to translate idioms concerning human body into another language. In translating idioms concerning human body, we must abide by the basic principles of translation and use appropriate methods. This thesis is about the ways of translating idioms concerning human body. The Author gives the general introduction of idioms including the definition, range and characteristics of them, and introduces idioms concerning human body including its origin and cultural background. In this thesis, the author lays the emphasis on methods of translating idioms concerning human body. Literal translation, literal translation with compensation, free translation, combination of liberal translation and free translation, using equivalent or corresponding idioms, omission, and restoration are employed in this thesis.
Key Words: idioms; idioms concerning human body; methods of translating

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