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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On the Incomplete Equity Translation of English-Chinese Legal Terminology


The law is the criterion that standardized people’s behavior, important legal standard documents and their language indicates all should be concrete and accurate. In the judicial practice process, the legislation writing is the only basis by which judicial personnel read the legal document, this requests legal language, especially the legislate language , to be extremely accurate. However, the language itself does not have the determinism. In the Chinese-English legal terminology translation process, the incompletely equity phenomenon is rarely inevitable. I have instanced some useful information and data, in order to prove my viewpoints. What I cited mostly is the legal lemmas and regulations of national laws .and recently, of our country’s translation discussion; the majority is concentrating on how we can translate the legal terminology accurately, which is regarded as the foundation of legal document translation, therefore, to its language rigorousness, and the accuracy appears importantly.

Key Words: English-Chinese translation;legal terminology;incomplete equity;
criminal law; civil law

摘  要

法律是规范人们行为的准则,法律规范的要件及其语言表述都应该是具体和准确的。在司法实践过程中,立法文字是司法人员解读法律文件的唯1依据,这要求法律语言,尤其是立法语言必须10分准确。但是语言本身具有不确定性。而在汉英法律术语翻译过程中,不完全对等现象又几乎不可避免。在论文里,我用了1些有用得信息和资料来证明自己的观点。而国内外学者在法律术语方面的研究也造诣颇深。Specter, Arlen. 有著作Passion for Truth. 陈文玲曾在《山东外语教学》中发表“试论英汉法律术语的不完全对等现象与翻译”等。本文主要引用的是国内法的1些法律条例条规。目前我国对于法律翻译的讨论大多数都集中在如何翻译准确性的法律语言上,法律术语作为翻译法律文件的基础,因此对其语言的严谨性和精确性,显得更为重要。



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