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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Lin Yutang as a Successful Cultural Interpreter:A Case Study of Lin’s Translated Version of Six Chapters of a Floating Life


Lin Yutang was always accredited with “One mind seeking the learning of ancients and moderns; two legs straddling the cultures of east and west”. Actually, it is Lin’s culture attitude—a combination of both eastern and western culture. Translating reveals the fact that cultural elements are translatable. Therefore, how to deal with cultural differences in translation is a question that deserves close investigation. Generally speaking, translation strategies concerning this question may be divided into the following two schools of thought: “domestication”, which is target language culture-oriented and “foreignization”, which is source language culture-oriented. Lin Yutang’s translation of Six Chapters of a Floating Life provides three ways to meet the needs of target language readers: using idiomatic expressions of the target language, retaining Chinese linguistic characteristics and changing the syntactic structures. Lin Yutang has done this well. This successful reproduction, to a great extent, is attributed to his skillful diction and idiomatic expression. His usage of simple but proper words and idiomatic expressions endows his translation with naturalness and fluency.

Key Words: Lin Yutang;  Six Chapters of a Floating Life;  translation strategy;
domestication;  foreignization

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