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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On the Characteristics of the English Computer Lexis in the 20th Century


   Owing to changes in global politics, economy, and development of science and technologies, English vocabulary enlarges faster than ever before. This is especially true in the 20th century, when the new invention — computer comes into our daily life, which brings a large amount of words into English Lexicon.       This thesis describes the development and situation of the computer lexis first, and then expatiates the characteristics of these terms, which consist of shortening words, compounding words, affixed words and old words obtaining new meanings, based on some English lexical theories from word-formation perspective. In the last part some development tendencies of the lexis are summed up: more colloquial, less borrowing and analogy being used frequently. The study method of this thesis fills a gap in the achievements of computer lexical study and also helps learners to command these words efficiently. At the end of the thesis, some inclusive development tendencies of these terms and the main purpose of this thesis are illustrated.

Key Words: the 20th century; computer lexis; characteristics of word-formation

摘 要

随着时代的发展,全球政治经济形势的变化以及新科学、新技术、新思想的不断产生,英语词汇量较以前有了更大的增长。其中210世纪的新生事物——计算机更是为英语词汇库增量不少。本文将以计算机英语词汇的发展过程为切入点,介绍该领域词汇的现状。并以国内外学者在词汇学及词汇发展方面所作的理论研究为基础,从构词法的角度阐述了210世纪计算机英语词汇简洁化、复合化、词缀增加、旧词新意的特点, 并总结出此类词汇的发展趋势:口语化、借词少、类比化等。本文的研究方法填补了现有研究的某些空白,并有助于2语学习者高效地学习此类词汇。文章末尾总结该领域词汇的发展趋势及本文的主要写作目的。



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