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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Politeness Principle in Business Correspondences


With the fast development of the economic globalization, more and more foreign corporations swarm into China. Business correspondence, as an important way to communicate, is the main carrier to exchange business information. And politeness, one of the most fundamental characteristics of business correspondence, should be paid more attention to.
Firstly, this thesis presents the current circumstances of business correspondence. Then, beginning with the analysis on politeness phenomena in psychological and social-cultural perspectives, it gives a minute survey of politeness principle based on Leech’s “Politeness Principle” and Brown&Levinson’s Face-threatening acts. Furthermore, it mainly analyzes the applications of politeness principle and the maxims that how to embody politeness principle in business correspondences by illustrating a mass of examples. Politeness cannot only be expressed by using salutation and compliment but also can be expressed by the honorific, the positive, the euphemistic and the indirect maxims. In a word, politeness principle has played an important role in the business correspondence, and the means of expressing politeness are also various.

Key Words:  politeness principle;  honorific-maxim;  positive-maxim;
euphemistic-maxim;  indirect-maxim

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