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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

A New View on Culture ----The Impact of Culture on Sino-U.S.  Business Activities


Sino-U.S business activities since one economic activity, also is one kind of cultural activity. Culture is the soul carrier of human-being, when we talked about the Sino-U.S.business activities---firstly we should considering the culture factors. This article first elaborates the culture from the different four aspects to the Chinese and American commerce activity concrete influence. Then from cultural angle concrete comparative analysis on both countries core culture values, the concept of interests, ethics morals view, work view and behavior view difference, expounded the culture in both countries commerce activity the institute vital role. Sino-U.S.trade activities is increasingly frequent, in the process of commercial contact the cultural barrier becomes more and more; the reality urgently requests us to speed up the research of the elimination trade on the cultural barrier aspect. Therefore, in order to eliminating in these business activities the cultural barrier, we must come from two aspects diligently: one, in the respect concrete on cultural difference in business activities; two are compromises the cultural difference in the Sino-U.S business activities. Now the world, the culture already is tacitly approved is one kind of soft strength, only has the positive use it to seek victory minimizes losses can reduce the nonessential economic loss and the cultural loss in the Chinese and American trade stage. The culture is the double-edged sword, only has dance this sword well, Sino-U.S. can in both countries commercial activities the mutually beneficial reciprocal benefit, harmonious development.

Key Words: culture; culture difference; cultural impact; Sino-U.S. business

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关键词: 文化、文化差异、文化影响、中美商务活动


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