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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

An Examination of Principles of Chinese-English BusinessTranslation


Business translation is involved in various economic and trade activities. Thus it has become more and more important. To do business translation work well, a translator needs not only abundant academic knowledge, but also a good mastery of Chinese and English language. Besides, he should adhere to business translation principles of “faithfulness, exactness and consistency”. The current thesis is divided into three parts, in which the author will examine the basic principles of business translation by analyzing the features of BE. The first part discusses the concept and linguistic features of BE: lexical features and syntactic features, a large number of professional economic vocabulary, long and complex sentence structures, and the set phrases are often used. The second part discusses significance and feasibility of business translation principles. And the last part mainly discusses the C-E business translation principles. For business translation, there are some special principles which are different from literary translation. These principles are: “faithfulness, exactness and consistency”. In the discussion of each principle, the author lists some practical translation examples to illustrate his opinion. 

Key Words: business English; Chinese-English; translation principles;
           characteristic; research                                   

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