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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Practicability of Oral Business English


Oral business English is a kind of oral English for special purposes related to certain and particular profession, category or purpose. It has two obvious characteristics: firstly, there is a special purpose applied in the particular occupation realm; secondly, there are special contents, then the contents specialized. This thesis is based on oral business English in teaching or used by the person who has already engaged in or will engage in business profession, combining theories and the practicability of the oral business English in business meeting, business negotiation, business reception, business telephone; and analyzing concretely how exact, fluent oral business English effects in different foreign affairs and brings “three effects” to business communication: effect(increasing the confidence of negotiator, giving the other party strong ability in impression), efficiency(negotiation proceed smoothly, save time, energy and expenditure) and performance(reach agreement, sign contract) to explain the practicability of oral business English.

Key Words: oral business English; business meeting; business reception; business telephone; business correspondence

摘 要

商务英语口语是专门用途英语口语的1种,专门用途英语口语是与某种特定专业、科目或目的相关联的英语口语。它有两个明显特点: 1是有明确的特殊目的,应用于特定的职业领域;2是有特殊的内容,即专门化的内容。本文以商务英语口语也就是对已在从事或将要从事商务行业的专业人才所教授或应用的专门用途英语口语为基础,结合在商务会议、商务谈判、商务接待、商务电话中对商务英语口语的理论依据和实际作用,并具体分析准确、地道、流利的商务口语在各种涉外商务事物怎样带来“3效” 即:效果(增加谈判者的信心,给对方以能者的印象)、效率(谈判顺利进行,节省时间、精力和开支)和效益(达成协议,签订合同)来说明商务英语口语的实用性。



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