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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Rhetoric Constructs and Translation of Advertising Discourse


In modern society, with the deepening of economic internationalization, advertising, as sales stimulus, plays a crucial role in delivering information. As a kind of applied language, advertising English has already separated from general English and developed into a non-standardized specific language because of its special application. However, it attracts consumers by particular skills, rather than language. To achieve its persuasion purpose, advertising English has to rely heavily on its rhetorical charms through the use of rhetoric devices. Rhetoric is one of the most important parts in English expression. It can make the language more vivid and expressive if those devices are used properly. Usually, rhetoric is regarded as “the decoration of the language” and “the decoration of the thoughts”. Beginning with the statement of basic advertising knowledge (especially the function), this thesis analyzes and summarizes three aspects of rhetoric, namely, phonetics, lexical and syntactic. Due to the differences between English and Chinese culture, the translation of rhetoric constructs used in English advertising should be based on the reception psychology of Chinese audiences so as to achieve its persuasion effect. This thesis also puts forward three practicable ways for rendering advertising as follows: transliteration, literal translation and free translation.

Key Words: advertising English;  rhetoric;  cultural differences;
translation strategies

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