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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On the Translation of English Articles into Chinese


English article, a function word, can’t be independently used without nouns. It can be divided into three types: indefinite article, definite article and zero article. Although English article seems quite simple, it’s actually difficult to be exactly translated. Since there’s no correspondent word in Chinese and the conventional expression is much different between Chinese and English, the translator often feels puzzled while translating. Based on forerunner’s study, this thesis focuses on discussing respectively the usage and translation of the three different types. It is to analyze, from the perspective of the causes of their formation, characteristics or application in specific language practice, how to translate the English article. From the discussion above, it clarifies that the meaning of English article changes following the change of the context and the meaning of the determined noun. Especially whether or how to translate the English article in some context depends on the determined noun, as well as the demand of Chinese culture.
Key Words: English articles; indefinite article; definite article; zero article; translation

摘 要

英语冠词是1种虚词, 它不能脱离名词而单独使用。冠词可分为3类:不定冠词、定冠词和0冠词。它看似简单,但达到其精确翻译是10分困难的。由于在汉语中没有相对应的词以及中英文表达习惯的不同,因此在翻译时,译者常;岣械嚼Щ;谇叭说难芯,本文着重探讨3种不同冠词的用法和翻译。从其产生的原因和语言实践中的运用分析如何翻译英语冠词,说明英语冠词的意义随着语境的变化和所限定的名词的意义的变化而变化。特别是在某些语境下英语冠词要不要翻译以及如何翻译,要看所限定的名词而定,还要考虑汉语的行为要求。



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