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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On the Puritanism and American Westward Movement


The religion, as the idea culture, has reflected that the value idea is one of the cornerstones to support the social order. And Puritans are immigrants’ main body. Puritanism acts political theory in colonial period as a religious theory. American developing history is a history of domestic and foreign expansion. “Sense of Mission” and “Manifest Destiny”, is deriving from Christianity belief and American democracy and equality consciousness are the culture origin and basis of consensus of opinion. This thesis tries to study that the positive influences which Puritanism affects the U.S. Westward Movement can be made sure, but its passive influences are not allowed to neglect. Therefore this thesis analyzes from historical root of the Puritanism, promulgates the effects of American immigrants by it, and analyzes various effects which Puritanism affects the U.S. Westward Movement, and makes us know the religious culture at that time.

Key Words: American Puritanism; Westward Movement; Manifest Destiny;
American Expansionism

摘  要

宗教作为观念文化的主要部分,其反映了价值观念是支持社会秩序的基石之1。在美国殖民时代,清教徒是移民主体。清教主义作为1种宗教理念,扮演了殖民时代政治理论的角色。美国的发展史 ,是1部国内国外扩张的历史。源于基督教信仰与资产阶级民主、自由观念的美国理想主义所体现的美国价值观念、道德准则以及“使命观”和“天定命运”论是美国扩张主义的文化根源和舆论基础。本文就清教主义对美国西进运动的积极影响试作研究。从清教的历史根源入手,揭示它对美国移民的影响,深入分析清教理念对美国西进运动的各方面影响,从而进1步了解美国当时的宗教文化。



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