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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Negative Lexical Transfer of Mother Tongue in English writing


Transfer refers that the early learning is affected by past learning. It can be divided into two parts: positive transfer and negative transfer. This thesis mainly discusses negative transfer in the meaning of words, mistakes in collocation and redundancy and repetition. By analyzing the simple writing carefully, culture transfer, linguistic transfer and lack of practice can explain reasonably how negative transfer of mother tongue in English writing forms.
Aiming at reducing the affection of negative lexical transfer of mother tongue in English writing, this thesis works out some practical proposals. Among them, the most important one is learning the cultural differences between English and Chinese.
At the same time, this thesis points out that knowing the English writing habit and expressions, analyzing the English-Chinese diversity owing to different culture and realizing the different expressions in these two languages in writing are very useful for students to improve their writing abilities.

Key Words: Mother tongue; English writing; negative transfer; diction; culture  

摘  要

迁移是指目前的学习受到以前习得知识的影响,它分为正迁移和负迁移两类.本文主要分析英语写作中词汇的语意负迁移,搭配错误及繁琐和重复,在通过认真分析学生的范文的基础上得出:文化负迁移, 语言本身负迁移和在平时学习过程中缺少足够的练习是造成此类问题的关键所在.
针对这些错误并结合造成这些错误的原因, 特提出了几条值得参考的建议比如掌握扎实的英语词汇知识,了解中西文化及其在平常学习中多注意练习等等。其中最关键的是对中西文化差异的了解。


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