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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Text Analysis of The Call of the Wild: An Application of Cohesion and Coherence Theory


Text analysis can be divided into two sorts: theoretical and applicative. Theoretical text analysis aims to illustrate the features of discourses in theory. Applicative text analysis is the application of the developed theory to concret texts, which aims to explain the special features of a specific text. In the field of text analysis, cohesion and coherence are two important concepts and study projects. These theories have been recently used in the analysis of various kinds of texts, particularly in researching newspaper report, advertisement English and medicine English, but not much involving novel text. So in this thesis, we will attempt to do some tentative research to study a novel The Call of the Wild, written by Jack London, by using cohesion and coherence theory advanced by Halliday&Hasan and Hu Zhuanglin. The thesis is mainly about the introduction of cohesion theory and the applications of some major cohesive devices in the novel text.

Key Words: text; text analysis; cohesion; coherence

摘 要

根据研究方法,语篇分析分为两类,理论性分析和应用性分析。理论性分析重在从理论上阐释语篇的1些特性,是基础性研究。应用性分析将形成的普遍理论应用于某1特殊类型的语篇分析中,解释1些特定类型语篇或者某具体语篇的特征。衔接理论与连贯理论是语篇分析中两个重要的研究课题。本文试着把Halliday & Hasan和中国语言学家胡壮麟的衔接与连贯理论应用于小说语篇中做1些尝试性的分析,并选用Jack London写的小说《野性的呼唤》作为分析语料。本文主要介绍了衔接理论和连贯特点,重点探讨小说语篇在衔接方面的特点及应用。



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