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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Daoist Influence on the Late Plays of Eugene O’Neill


Eugene O’Neill is the greatest American playwright in the 20th century. He led the modern U.S theater into the mainstream of the world drama and was the father of American drama. Some critics hold that Orientalism is one of the most important and distinctive aspects of O’ Neill’s art. Among the Oriental thoughts, Taoist influence on him was profoundest and lasting. This thesis studies O’Neill and Taoism systematically and extensively. His late plays are the climax of his Taoism which is his ultimate pursuit of his faith and arts. O’Neill affirms the Taoist principles of “Non-action” and “Cycle” by the theme of pipe dream. By reading these plays in his late periods, it analyzes the general trend of O’Neill’s Taoist ideas. It puts forward and proves that the great influence of the Tao of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu on the O’Neill’s plays. The Tao is the ultimate pursuit of O’Neill’s attitude towards life, way of life and faith.

Key Words: Eugene O’Neill; Taoist; The Iceman Cometh; The Long Day’s Journey into Night

摘  要

尤金•奥尼尔是美国210世纪最著名的现代剧作家。他为210世纪初的美国戏剧能进入世界戏剧的主流发挥了巨大的先驱作用,被誉为 “美国戏剧之父” 。东方特色的奥尼尔艺术中最重要而且最显著的1个方面。然而在各种东方思想中,中国道家思想对奥尼尔的影响又是最深远的。他的后期作品都结合了他的终身信仰——道家思想,他深受道家“无为”和“循环”的影响。 因此,本文通过道家思想对奥尼尔后期作品的影响而进行研究。通过解读奥尼尔后期两部伟大著作《送冰的人来了》和《进入黑夜的漫长旅程》,分析了奥尼尔后期作品中体现的道家思想意识, 从而提出并证明中国哲学道家思想对奥尼尔戏剧创作的深远影响。

关键词: 尤金•奥尼尔、道家思想、《送冰的人来了》、《进入黑夜的漫长旅程》


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