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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Sexism as Seen in English Names


As we all know, everyone has a name. It is an important symbol for people to distinguish one from the others. Names which are the product of cultures only exist in human society. And different nations have different cultures, so their names possess different features. A name has a very close relation with its nation’s history, religion, cultural tradition, values and custom. English names are not an exception. Sexism exists in English-speaking countries’ cultures everywhere. As the product of English-speaking countries’ cultures, sexism must be implicated in English names. This thesis will be divided into three parts. In the first part, it gives a brief introduction to origin and existence of sexism, and mention that sexism exists in English names. In the second part it discusses embodiment of sexism in English names from many aspects, such as differences between males’ names and females’ names, abbreviation of English names, use of males’ names and change of females’ names after marriage. In the last part it talks about people’s different attitudes towards sexism. With the increase of females’ position, people advocate using women’s own names and double-barreled names after they get married to weaken sexism in English names.

Key Words: English names; sexism; origin; embodiment; females’ position

摘  要

    众所周知,每个人都有名字。它是1个人区别于其他人的重要标志。名字作为文化的产物是人类社会所特有。不同的民族具有不同的文化,所以不同的民族的姓名具有不同的特点。1个民族的姓名,与该民族的历史,宗教,文化传统,价值观念,风俗习惯有密切的关系。而英语人名也不例外。英语国家文化中处处体现了“男尊女卑”的思想。英语人名作为英语国家文化的产物,性别歧视也就必然体现在英语人名中了。本文共分为3部分。第1部分从性别歧视的起源和存在对性别歧视作了介绍,并提及性别歧视存在于英语人名中。第2部分着重从男、女姓名的差异,英语人名的缩写, 借用男性名字以及婚后妇女姓名的嬗变等多方面阐述性别歧视在英语人名中的具体表现。第3部分介绍人们对性别歧视的不同态度。随着女性地位的提高,人们通过提倡妇女婚后使用原名和使用双姓来削弱英语人名中的性别歧视。


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