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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

 Anxiety in English Listening Test and Its Resolving Strategies

Anxiety refers to an emotional state of nervousness with fear arising when an individual’s self-respect and self-confidence are thwarted or sense of failure and compunction is increased on account of not achieving his/her desired aim or smoothing away the threat of the barriers.
The thesis reports the findings of a survey on students’ anxiety in English listening test. The survey is conducted among 41 seniors from the Department of Foreign Language and Literature of Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, the purpose of which is to find out the causes for anxiety in listening test, to attempt new teaching and learning techniques in light of second language acquisition theories and teaching conditions in China, and to help the students bring into full play their language potentials in a most favorable affective state so as to gradually improve their listening skills and abilities. After the survey and analysis, the thesis states series of causes for anxiety in English listening test. Aiming at different causes, resolving strategies are proposed accordingly.

Key Words: Listening anxiety; questionnaire survey; interview; source; strategy

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