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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Strategies for Translating Captions of English Films

With the further development of China’s reform and opening-up, communication between China and the rest of the world, especially the English-speaking countries becomes more frequent. Many English movies swarmed into China’s movie market. Needless to say, translation is supposed to play a key role in the introduction of these movies, which has consequently given rise to the study of their translation. The subtitling of foreign movies, a special translation mode, is playing a more and more important and indispensable role in the process of the practice of translation and intercultural communication. This thesis explores the linguistic characteristics of English film and the differences between film language and literary language, applying the theory of putting the audiences to the important positions to analyze the audiences’ accepting situation of Chinese caption. This thesis suggests that more attention should be paid to the linguistic equivalence, exactness, naturalness and vividness in the translation of English film caption. This thesis also mentions that idioms and new words in the translation should take the following two aspects into consideration: one is trying to make the translation understood easily; the other is keeping the original style. This thesis only roughly discusses the subtitling of foreign movies, and it hopes that it can arouse translators’ interest and attention to this field.    

Key Words: English film; subtitling; linguistic characteristic; exactness; naturalness; vividness

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关键词:英文影片、字幕翻译、 语言特征、准确、自然、生动


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