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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Meaning and Translation of the Habitually Used Sentence Patterns in English

The habitually used sentence pattern in English, as a member of the category of idioms, is always attracting the attention of some scholars at home  and abroad. This thesis does not follow the perspective of structure, but the meaning and translation. At first, it concludes the two basic features of the habitually used sentence patterns in English and separately demonstrates them by typical examples. Then it introduces the eight commonly used translation techniques and also explains the skills and features of these techniques by examples. On the basis of these two theories, the thesis carefully shows the flexible use of translation techniques in the translation of the habitually used sentence pattern in English from five aspects: the structure of predicative, the if-clause, the two nexuses, “than” with the meaning of comparison, “may” with the meaning of concession. By means of typical examples and careful analysis, some regulations in the habitually used sentence patterns in English have been found out and make their translations much easier. The problem that this thesis intends to solve is how to skillfully use the translation techniques in the translation of the habitually used sentence patterns in English.

Key Words: the habitually used sentence patterns in English; features; sentence structure; translation techniques; typical examples

摘  要

英语惯用句型作为习语范畴中的1员,1直吸引着国内外很多学者的关注。本篇论文没有从英语惯用句型的结构出发,而更注重其意义和汉译。首先,该文总结了英语惯用句型的两大基本特征,并用例句来分别说明基本特征。其次,该文介绍了翻译中常见的8种技巧,用例句明确地解释了这8种翻译技巧的要领、特征。在此基础上,该文从谓语结构、if引导的从句、两种语结、带比较意义的“than”的用法、带让步意义的 “may”的使用5个方面详述了各种翻译技巧在英语惯用句型翻译中的灵活运用,通过详细例证、仔细分析,找出了1些惯用句型翻译的规律,从而降低了翻译英语惯用句型的难度。本篇论文拟解决的问题是如何在英语惯用句型的翻译中有技巧地使用各种常用的翻译技巧。

关键词:英语惯用句型、 特征、句子结构、翻译技巧、典型例句


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