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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Semantic Analysis and Category of English Compound Word

Compounds, whose formation is one of the most important means to create new words, are very productive in English. It can be observed that these words are both extensively and popularly employed in recent years’ English newspapers, magazines and literary works. Based on the analysis of compounds in terms of formative, syntactic as well as semantic relation, this thesis makes a sweeping generalization about the word-formation, distinction, semantic analysis and syntax of English compound words. Moreover, we also know in English compounds, compound nouns, compound adjectives and compound verbs occupy a large proportion in the sum of compound words. They are combined into compound structures in a variety of ways. And once they are formed, they sometimes metamorphose over time. It is therefore worthwhile to study them, so in the thesis, the mainly characteristics of these three kinds of compound words are discussed in detail. In a word, the linguistic phenomenon of compound words has aroused an increasing attention and interest among linguists and language users as well. So the aim of the thesis is to provide readers with knowledge of the external structures of compounds and then to develop their perception of the internal grammatical relationships and their insight into the meaning of these words.

Key Words: compound words;  definition;  word-formation;  distinction;
semantic analysis;  category

摘  要

复合词有广泛的变化形式,在英语中,复合词的构词法是创造新词的1种重要方式,许多复合词都是通过这种合成法而被创造。近年来复合词被广泛应用于英文报刊杂志和文学作品之中。在考察英语复合词的构型、句法和语义关系的基础上,本文着重对英语复合词的构词法、鉴别、语义分析和句法作了归纳。众所周知,在英语复合词中,复合名词、复合形容词、复合动词占有相当大的比重, 它们通过多种方式构成复合结构。但有时,这些已经形成的结构也会有其他的变化方式,所以很值得研究。本文中,复合词的主要类型也将被详细讨论。总之,复合词这1语言现象正引起了人们越来越浓厚的兴趣和广泛的关注。因此本文的主要目的在于使读者能透过复合词的外在结构表象来洞察其内在的语法关系,并借此提高人们把握复合词意义的能力。



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