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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Artistic Features of Robert Frost’s Poems


Robert Frost is an American famous poet in the twentieth century. He used to utilize concise language and plain poetic form: vocabulary in his poems is mainly informal, and most of them belong to monosyllables; on syntax, Frost mainly adopts normal, prosaic lingual orders and strict and orthodox grammars; on the poetic form, he often writes traditional blank verse, sonnet and pays more attention to the phonetic natural rhythm, lines’ musical effect and the relations between sound and meaning, which form his unostentatious artistic style. Frost often adopts some figures of speech, especially metaphor and symbol. Through them, he uses concrete things to explain abstract thought or conception, and makes ordinary scenes become typical and abstract, which can stimulates readers’ thought. Although Frost often describes ordinary things, he dissolves deep meaning in commonness, and reveals profound philosophy of life from trifles in daily. This thesis will be helpful to understand Frost and his poetry well.

Key Words: Robert Frost; poems; language; figures of speech; philosophy of life

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