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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

A Study of Cultural Differences in International Business


With the progress of economic globalization, commercial contacts between various countries are bound to be increasingly substantial. Communication among people who come from different cultural backgrounds certainly has become a hot issue that arouses concerning among people in different countries. Enhancing cross-cultural sensitivity as well as improving cross-cultural communication and cooperation becomes crucially important.
The first part of this thesis is about what the word “culture” means and a brief study of the important influences of culture in international business. Different value orientations exert great impact on perception of leadership, ways of management, and process of decision-making as well as on communication. The second part is an analysis of Hofstede, an Dutch management researcher, who’s theory about the four major dimensions in work-related value. To expound profoundly, this thesis is an attempt to make an analysis of business culture diversity from identifying different value orientation. Finally some possible solutions to promote international business communication are proposed, including how to learn business culture and how to develop communication skills.

Key words: culture; cultural differences; business culture; international
business; value orientation

摘 要

论文第1部分描述了文化的内涵,并简要综述国际商务中文化的重要影响。文化差异渗透到企业的各个方面,不同的价值取向对行为人的企业领导、管理以及决策等产生影响,同时也对交际有着深远的影响。第2部分对荷兰著名管理研究学者Hofstede 提出的关于价值观点对比的4个尺度理论进行了具体详尽的阐述分析。第3部分论述了由于不同的价值取向引起的国际商务行为方面的差异。论文的第4部分针对国际商务交往中文化的差异提出1些可行的促进交流的方法,包括如何学习商务文化以及如何提高跨文化交际能力。



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