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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Cross-cultural Comparison and Translation
in English and Chinese Metaphors

The concept of metaphor plays an important role in the process of human’s understanding and reforming the world. Its birth and development has close relationship with culture. The similarity of metaphor in different languages is based on human’s common function of physiology, psychology and living environment. And the cultural diversities existed in the particular religion, custom, history, and geography turn out to be the main causes of the different usage of metaphors in English and Chinese languages. Because of the existence of cultural overlaps and distances among English and Chinese metaphors, the translation of them should be equivalent in conveying both message and culture. This thesis begins with a brief introduction and explanation of English metaphor, followed by comparative study of English and Chinese metaphors in terms of cultural overlaps and cultural distances. Then, some commonly used translation techniques are exemplified. In other words, this thesis addresses the use and translation of metaphor as a way of culture expressing in English and Chinese languages. It is the author’s hope that such an approach may help to penetrate deeply into mentality and customs of the two cultures. In a word, the comparison and translation of metaphors in different cultures enable people to identify with the wisdom of others, to share emotions with them along with other profound human experiences, and to communicate with others of different cultures.

Key Words:  metaphor;  culture;  comparison;  cultural overlaps; 
cultural distances;  translation

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