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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Similarities and Differences in Onomatopoeic
Words Between English and Chinese

    The onomatopoeic words play an important role in both English and Chinese literary works. Meanwhile, English and Chinese belong to different linguistic systems. Great differences exist in the two languages in spite of the universality of human languages. Hence, there arises the problem of dealing with the onomatopoeic words in rendering literary works. To a degree, onomatopoeic words have a direct effect upon the quality of the versions. Therefore, aiming at a good translation, we must consider seriously how to represent the content with musical and dynamic senses of the original. Only in this way can we ensure the readers, in their reading of the versions, to get an approximately similar feeling as they do to the original. Thus the similarity between the original and the version can be gained. For this reason, the thesis explores the English and Chinese onomatopoeias and their translations from the aspects of phonetics, grammar and rhetoric. From the constituent, classification, expression function and translation, the thesis carefully selects examples from the masterpieces of the renowned writers in English and Chinese literary history, and makes a rough comparison of the onomatopoeias in English and Chinese, aiming at offer some help with English and Chinese teaching and translation.

Key Words: onomatopoeia; phonetic constitution; classification; function;

摘 要

拟声词作为1种有效的修辞手段和表达方式,在中英文学的作品中占有重要的地位。同时,由于中英文是两种不同的语言体系,除了语言的共性之外,还存有很大的差异。在中英文学作品的互译过程中,翻译工作者不可避免地要面对拟声词的处理问题。在1定程度上,对拟声词的处理是否得当直接影响着翻译的质量。因此,我们在翻译过程中,必须认真考虑如何将原文中的富有乐感和动感的东西,忠实,准确地体现在自己的译文中,以此保证译文的质量;谡飧鲈,本文从语音、语法、修辞等角度探讨了英汉语拟声词的翻译。从英汉拟声词的结构、表达、作用及互译入手,精选了中外文学史上名家名作中的例证,将英、中文中的拟声词进行对比研究, 旨在对英语和汉语的教学与翻译工作起到1定的促进作用。



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